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Lasered Pics Assistive Technologies

TalkBoard Keyguard


TalkBoard Keyguard


Product Description

Keyguard for the TalkBoard app.

App Settings and Options

This keyguard supports different designs based on user settings and preferences.  Each of these affects the positioning of items on the screen, and thus the design of the keyguard itself.  Your Lasered Pics keyguard will be truly custom-designed to match every one of the choices you make for the end user.

Rows - The number of rows in the cell grid.  

Columns - The number of rows in the cell grid.  

Sentence Strip - Set to yes if the sentence strip is shown above the grid. Turning this off stretches the cell grid to take up the extra space.

Cell Openings - If you choose circles or squares, there will be extra space between the cells right and left.  This helps some students to differentiate the cells.  If you choose squares or circles, do not choose colored acrylic, as some information will be covered by the keyguard.

Material - The default material is 1/8" impact-modified PMMA resin.  This is denser than common acrylics like Plexiglass and Perspex, and will sustain much higher impacts without breaking, though it is still able to be broken by bending.  Colored acrylics are standard PMMA.  In general, the colored acrylics are best for apps that provide space between the cells, and should be avoided on apps that don't provide any space between the cells.  3/16" and 1/4" acrylics are standard PMMA.  They are much more rigid than the 1/8" due to their extra thickness, and they provide more depth to help the user avoid accidental touches.  Acrylic styrene is more flexible than other acrylics, and is much less likely to crack when bent.  It comes with a 2-year guarantee against breakage.  Polycarbonate is the strongest material, being virtually unbreakable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  Allow one extra week for polycarbonate.

Important Notes About Cases and Mounting - You Must Read This Before Ordering

* Keyguards do not attach permanently to the iPad or the case, but are mounted with non-destructive attachments. Please click here for information regarding specific cases, including available attachment options. It is important that your keyguard is ordered to fit the case you have, or plan to use

** The attachment methods are described briefly below with a list of some of the supported cases. Click here for information about specific cases.

Suction Cups - Four small suction cups raise the keyguard 3/16" above the screen and hold it securely.  Supported cases include no case, Big Grips Frame, Big Grips Lift, ChatWrap, Gripcase, M-Edge Super Shell.  May work on other foam-type cases when the softare allows room to place the cups, but not supported on rigid cases with small screen openings.  NOT SUPPORTED on any case that claims to be waterproof, because the suction cups will interfere with the watertight seal. NOT SUPPORTED on AbleNet Trident, GoNow Rugged, Griffin Survivor, Otterbox Defender.

Attached Straps - Keyguard lies 1/8 - 1/4" above screen to minimize accidental touches.  Good for heavy droolers.  All cases are supported except Big Grips Lift and Big Grips Frame, because the thickness of the foam holds the keyguard too high off the screen.  We have heard of people attaching the straps first and then inserting the whole assembly into the case, but we don't recommend that.

Flush-Mounted Straps - Keyguard lies flat on or barely above the screen.  All cases are supported except Big Grips Lift and Big Grips Frame.

Snap-In Bottom Flange - Slips under edge of case to secure without any external hardware.  See it described here.  May require partial disassembly of case to install the first time.  This is a semi-permanent mount and cannot be easily swapped in an out on rigid cases.  Supported cases include AMDI iAdapter, Armorbox Kido, Beetle, Big Grips, ChatWrap, Fintie Kiddie, GoNow, Griffin Survivor, Gripcase, Gumdrop Bounce Skin, Gumdrop Drop Tech, Gumdrop Foam Tech, Gumdrop Hideaway, HDE Shock Proof, KaysCase KidBox, Kidz Cover, Lifeproof NUUD and Fre, Otterbox Defender, Trident, Ultimate II.  Note:  The snap-in attachment will interfere with the seal on cases that claim to be waterproof.  Your iPad will be damaged if you wash it or submerge it.

Top Flange - An additional top flange is attached to the keyguard for mounting with Velcro™.  Supported cases include AMDI iAdapter, GoNow Rugged, GoNow Sleek, Griffin Survivor All-Terrain, Otterbox Defender.  Also works with suction cup tape on the iAdapter.  This is the best method to use if you want to add and remove the keyguard easily and/or often.  

*** Top Flange with Magnets - This special version of the top flange attachment contains magnets in the corners to securely hold the keyguard in place and make it simple to remove.  Ideal for users who need to switch keyguards often.  The only supported cases at this time are the AMDI iAdapter and the GoNow Rugged.  Do not order this attachment if you have any other case.

How to Determine Which iPad You Have

On the back of your iPad there's a very tiny model number that looks something like "A1538".  Do a Web search for that, like "iPad A1538".  If the iPad is in a case, or the lettering is too small to read, go to the Settings app General settings and find the Model number, which is really a part number that looks something like "ML0N2LL/A".  Do a Web search for that.  Once you know which iPad you have, select it from the "Device" pulldown menu above.

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